Good Entertainment Value with Good Values

Thousands of loyal fans across the country are rediscovering the rollicking good times and pure feeling of vintage base ball. And why not? It’s free, family-friendly fun, played by well-mannered gentlemen.

The Norwood Highlanders Base Ball Club follows this grand – and growing – tradition. We play by official rules established in 1869 (no glove, underhand pitch, etc.) and pay strict attention to old-fashioned laws of sportsmanship and family fun. It’s good entertainment value with good values.

Your business can be part of the team. We have a special place in mind for you, one of our community’s most respected neighbors.

Become a patron of history

Our schedule consists of 20 dates in 2014 (and may grow). As a patron, your company has a presence at every match in our team program and more. In addition, we’d like to find creative ways to get your name and logo in front of our crowds even more.

Sponsor Rates:

  • Iron Level: $50 per season
  • Copper Level: $100 per season
  • Silver Level: $250 per season
  • Gold Level: $500 per season

With every ad space purchase of $100 or more, you also receive:

  • Space on our web site with a link to your site
  • Sponsor listing on our Facebook page with link
  • Your name or logo on game advertising and schedules

Come along for the ride

Dorl Field in Norwood is our home field. Next to the U.S. Playing Card Factory in the middle of Norwood, our field draws a great deal of interest.We often play close to home, in Sharonville, but the Highlanders are also a traveling team.We’ll go as far as Columbus, Mansfield, Dayton and parts of Indiana and Kentucky to play, extending the reach of your partnership.

Learn more about our Club

Fans describe watching us play as seeing baseball again for the first time. Associating yourself with our Club can put you front and center of those nostalgic, positive feelings.

You can help us preserve this piece of modern-day history. We appreciate your support of this community building venture.

Thank you


Jim “The Colonel” Mattingly
Captain, Norwood Highlanders