The Norwood Highlanders Base Ball Club was formed in the summer of 2009 to spring of 2010. The choice was made to play by the rules established in 1869 to join our fellow Cincinnati area teams in keeping this an 1869 region.

As no records show the existence of a base ball team in Norwood prior to the 1890s, the name, Highlanders, was derived from the town slogan, “Gem of the Highlands”.

1869 also happens to be when the first general map to show our home town as “Norwood”, not Sharpsburg, was revealed.

Our home field, Dorl Field, is located in the shadow of the historic U.S. Playing Card factory which has been located in Norwood since 1890. this is a fantastic place to bring the family for an afternoon of good, old-fashioned baseball.

Our games closely follow the traditions and values of the time when base ball was developed as a means of entertainment and exercise. You can expect to see the highest standards of sportsmanship and gentlemanly behavior by everyone involved in our matches. Join us for any of our matches and witness the way base ball was meant to be played.

Our ballists play in accurately-recreated uniforms, with equipment made only to standards of the period. We utilize the rules, customs and terminology of base ball’s earliest days, creating an educational, historic and fun environment that anyone can enjoy.

You will see that the play is a bit different from the modern game. Most notably, in the 1860s you didn’t wear a glove! And, yes, sometimes it does hurt. You will also see clubs playing in long pants and long sleeve shirts. The rest of the atmosphere is up to you, the cranks. Pay attention, you never know when the umpire may ask your help with a call. And, if you see a good play, give out a “huzzah!”